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Providing Clean Cooking and Lighting Technologies and documenting their impacts on Air pollution, Climate, and Health Ministry of Environment and Forests, Bangladesh and Ministry of Environment, Sweden – Bangladesh, Oct 18 2011

Strategies for containing climate change below unmanageable levels: Beyond Copenhagen, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, CA, July 20, 2010.

Black Carbon and India Environmental Ministry Meeting, Hotel Ashok, New Delhi, India, Oct 14 2009. Near-Term Climate Mitigation Side Event, Cop-16, Room Pitaya, Cancun Messe, Mexico , December 7, 2010.

Commencement Speech, Sixth College, UCSD, June 13, 2009

Black Carbon Forcing and its Climate Effects,
International Workshop on Black Carbon, London, Jan. 5-6, 2009

Scientific and Regional Aspects of Co-benefits Policies,
Air Pollution and Climate Change: Developing a Framework for Integrated Co-benefits Strategies, Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, Sept. 17-19, 2008

Contribution of Black Carbon and Atmospheric Brown Clouds to Climate Warming: Impacts and Opportunities,
AMS Environmental Science Seminar Series, May 16, 2008

Global and Regional Climate Change: Underlying Science and Emerging Riddles,
8th Annual Henry W. Kendall Memorial Lecture, MIT, May 2, 2008

Perspectives on Ocean Science lecture series
Global Warming and Atmospheric Brown Clouds: a double threat for Asia,
Birch Aquarium @ SIO, April 14, 2008

Overview of Global Dimming and Brightening – observations, causes, consequences and hypotheses,
Keynote talk at the International Workshop on Global Dimming and Brightening, Ein Gedi, Israel
February 11, 2008 (.ppt)

Ramanathan, V. (2006), Bjerknes Lecture: Global Dimming and its Masking Effect on Global Warming
Eos Trans. AGU, 87
(52), Fall Meet. Suppl., Abstract A23D-01


Role of Black Carbon in Global and Regional Climate Changes,
Hearing on the role of black carbon as a factor in climate change
October 18, 2007

Anthropogenic Climate Change: Areas of Uncertainty,
Testimony at the United States Senate hearing on “US Climate Change Policy”
September 17, 1996